ID Card Printers Market: Introduction
ID Card printers are specialty printing devices that prints permanent or temporary impression on to predefined size Identity cards. The ID card printer operates on the same principle as any other desktop printer but its card feeding mechanism is where the difference lies. The printers are customized to fit only cards enabling it to print at a high speed with an improved efficiency. ID card printers are supplied to the customers with its own proprietary software to manage print quality and speed. ID card printers available in the market are capable of printing on special purpose cards a magnetic striped card, smart cards, cards with in built RFID technology and contactless cards. Some manufacturers, in order to gain higher customer base and market share offer ID card printers with an in built laminating system to improve the longevity of the card. Manufactures of ID card printers differentiate the pricing of their products on the basis of the amount of cards it can print on a daily basis. With the advantages of specific printing capabilities and improved speed, ID card printers market is anticipated to grow positively in all the regions in the upcoming years.
ID Card Printers Market Dynamics
The world of today is geared towards technological advancements, data driven automation in every aspect with miniaturization taking the centre stage, therefore, a simple card has served more than its purpose of just an identification tool to an advanced data carrying device. This factor is the primary reason behind the growth of the ID card printer market from the global perspective. The utilization of cards has grown profoundly from past couple of years. Urbanization and increase in the size of working population has effectively aided in the growth of the ID card printer market and is anticipated to remain so in the upcoming years.
Though ID card printer offers its customers quick and easy solution for printing cards, integration of day to day processes and operations with a smartphone can come across as a restraint for the growth of the ID card printer market, in other words, smartphones has a huge potential to be utilized as a tool for maintaining and storing data that used to be imprinted on the ID card thereby effectively replacing it.