What is Oxycontin?
Oxycontin, a brand name version for generic oxycodone medication is a potent prescription medication belonging to the class of opioid analgesics. People can buy both immediate-release and extended-release formulations of oxycodone. Buy generic Oxycontin online or extended-release Oxycontin. Doctors prescribe Oxycontin as an around-the-clock medication to the patients who need 24*7 pain relief medicines.

What are the uses of Oxycontin?
You can order Oxycontin online to manage acute or chronic pain that lasts around-the-clock and cannot be treated with other treatment options such as non-opioid analgesics or immediate-release opioids.
Oxycontin helps relieve chronic cancer pain, trauma, pain, or pain after major surgery. It is helpful in long term treatment and not as an as-needed pain killer.

How does Oxycontin work?
Oxycontin is an opioid agonist that works similarly to other opioid drugs. You can choose to buy generic Oxycontin online that acts on the brain to boost the opioid receptor present in the spinal cord, mind, and several other parts of your body. These opioid receptors help relieve pain symptoms but also causes central nervous system depression.
Oxycontin binds protein opioid receptors to block pain signals traveling from the body to the brain through the spinal cord.

What are the side effects associated with Oxycontin?
There are several frequent and less severe side effects of Oxycontin that may go in short periods, such as headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, stomach pain, flushing, and mood changes.
Some side effects of Oxycontin can be serious and can even increase with time. Consult your doctor if you have severe adverse effects of Oxycontin, including:
[list][*]Irregular heartbeats[*]Agitation and hallucinations[*]Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea[*]Severe muscle twitching[*]Loss of coordination[*]Menstrual disorder[*]Erectile disorder[*]Chest pain[*]Hives[*]Severe skin rashes[*]Decreased sex drive[*]Breathing problems[*]Difficulty swallowing[*]Seizures[*]Physical dependence and withdrawal[*]Misuse, abuse, and addiction[/list]

What are the symptoms of Oxycontin overdose?
Higher doses or overdose of Oxycontin can be life-threatening. Symptoms of overdose include:
[list][*]Slow or stopped breathing[*]Limp or weak muscles[*]Excessive drowsiness[*]Cold and clammy skin[*]Loss of consciousness[*]Coma[/list]