The dosage of medicine plays a crucial role in the effects of the drug. You must answer all the questions of your doctor. Always consult your medical professional before increasing or decreasing the Real Xanax dose. People can buy Xanax online according to the diagnosis given by their doctor.

Xanax is available in the following doses:

Xanax 0.5mg
Xanax 0.25mg
Xanax 1mg
Xanax 2mg
There are also Xanax bars present, which are mostly of 3mg in strength. Many people sell fake Yellow Xanax on the streets. The street value of Xanax is usually lower due to the fake Xanax sellers.

Xanax bars are nothing but the same Xanax medicine. These are found in different colors and shapes. This is done by the manufacturers to keep their manufactured Xanax from others. The colors and shapes must be FDA approved.

Xanax is also available in the extended-release form. One dose of Xanax XR is enough for the day. Take Xanax according to the prescription to reduce the risk of addiction.

Xanax effects:
The initial and most important effect of Xanax is the calming of the nerves. The medicine helps in controlling the feelings of anxiety that might have been triggered due to some incidents.

People with an anxiety disorder are in most need of feeling at ease in order to function properly.

Side Effects of Xanax
Specific side effects of Xanax may come up in a period expectedly or unexpectedly. Even though the FDA approves the drug and prescribed by physicians, it still has some side effects that may affect your health dangerously.

The occurrence of the side effects may show initially when you start taking the drug. These medicines, be it Xanax bars or Xanax pills, stay in your system for a considerable period and aren’t easily worn-off. To avoid these side effects, ask for precautions from your doctor.

Side effects that may or may not occur:

Lack of coordination
Chest pain
Nasal congestion
Memory issues