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    Buy Soma Online | Buy Carisoprodol Online | Soma 350mg Carisoprodol 350mg


    Soma is a trading name for carisoprodol, a muscle relaxer that got first introduced in 1952. Its effects are similar to barbiturates, the property that makes it effective to ease muscle pain.

    The medication is useful in conjunction with physiotherapy to treat skeletal muscle pain and discomfort caused due to strains, sprains, or muscular injury. Buy soma online in strengths of 250 mg and 350 mg. The medication's typical daily dose ranges between 750 mg to 1050 mg per day, not for use exceeding three weeks.

    Soma got categorized under the schedule-IV of the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The medications that fall under this category have the following characteristics:

    Lesser potential for abuse
    Currently accepted therapeutic use in the United States
    Potential to cause psychological or physical dependence when abused

    Other medicines under this classifications are alprazolam, clorazepate, clonazepam, lorazepam, triazolam, and midazolam. Frank M. Berger at Wallace Laboratories developed carisoprodol. In 2008, the potential of the medication for abuse was reported. It led to the pulling out of medicines from the nation. In 2011, the DEA issued a report classifying soma under the Controlled Substances Act.

    The medication is contraindicated in people with a history of acute intermittent porphyria or sensitivity to meprobamate or carisoprodol. Hence, concomitant use of soma with the potent drug is not recommendable.

    What are the medical uses of soma?

    Buy soma online to help provide the following effects:

    Pain relief
    Anxiety control
    Muscle relaxation
    Drowsiness or strong desire to sleep

    Why is soma abused?

    Recent reports about drug abuse state that soma has become one of the most commonly abused substances, particularly in combination with other substances such as codeine (soma coma), alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and hydrocodone. When you take these substances with soma medication, the effects of "high" become much more potent, increasing the risk of addiction to the medication.

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